Jun. 4th, 2017

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Had my first mammogram Friday. Not as weird as expected, though as usual I managed to get the shortest technician in the building (she was slightly taller than my boobs, but only slightly).

First general physical of my adult life is tomorrow. I'm rounding up all my family history, which is pretty much the litany of the dead, plus my parents' current health. Gonna have a brief chat about being healthy and staying that way.

We are at T+25 days post-hysto and things are going well. The incisions are now small red blotchy things, mostly just staple-puncture red dots that make it look like I was bitten by very tiny vampires. (two up, two down) I'm still occasionally twingey as things heal, but that's all right. I verrrrry carefully lifted the 25 pound bag of cat litter and nothing bad happened, other than hitting my forehead lightly on the trunk lid because it sagged in the rain. I've done a tiny shuffly-jog brief run (20-30 seconds) and felt okay after. I'm waiting on my final check/stitch removal (6/20) before I really start the slow ramp upward to the new normal.

Also importantly, I have both coughed and sneezed without that unpleasant feeling down below which I had pre-surgery. I guess I did need that fixed. Thanks doc!


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