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"It's possible that Bad Thing A could happen. If so, then I believe Reaction B would be appropriate. In order for that to be helpful, I'd need Item C, therefore, just in case, I'll make sure I know where that is."

"Gosh, why do you worry so much."

Because there isn't anyone else I can trust to wrangle these things for me, that's why. Because if A happens and I'm not ready to B and don't have C, then it's going to suck and at that point there won't be anything I can do about it.

Seriously, why am I getting told to "stop worrying" when I try to be prepared for things? I'm the person who carries a water bottle and peppermints and ibuprofen, but everyone is always like "I'm thirsty, I have a cough, my head hurts" and suddenly those things make it better. But next time, I'm STILL the only person carrying a water bottle out to the car for the road trip. (I have wicked fantasies of "Oh, you're thirsty? Why don't you bring your own drink?")

Speaking of thirsty, I'd better tank down this water before midnight. Yeah, the most current rec is that water is okay up to 2 hours before the procedure, but these folks are old-school "NPO at midnight" and I think this'll work fine. Just want them to be able to find a vein in the morning.
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