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One of the things I think is sorely missing in Christianity (at least, around here) is a source of good education about what Christians do, explained in a way that's clear to non-Christians, and without a side of "and now you should convert."

This being the first day of Lent, I'd like to offer to answer any questions about Christianity my non-Christian friends have. I promise (no, I won't "swear on a stack of Bibles" because the Bible says not to do that kinda thing) that I won't try in any way to convert you.

And about the icon and why it's for Lent. )

Too early!

Mar. 4th, 2014 06:21 am
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Had a pleasant conversation with my parents yesterday, in the car on the way home, because Raven drove me to and from work. Not much else happened; didn't return the books to the library, or indeed do anything other than go home, eat food, and go almost immediately to bed.

There is still lots of snow and ice on the roads, which means running today probably won't happen. Which is okay, still exhausted from the last two days. I'm starting to really miss when I can't run, and not just because my next goal is that "a month of rundays" achievement.

Started the 100 pushup challenge with a group of folks from the feminist board I read on Rav. Didn't think much of how it went yesterday (12 pushups, yay?) but today I am sore in the arms and chest, so I feel like I did something. Tomorrow, a couple more.

As a side note, updating this with a teeny Bluetooth keyboard on my phone screen is not so bad as anyone might think. It's actually pretty comfortable. (Glad I have that astonishingly good near focus that many myopics have.)


Mar. 3rd, 2014 03:32 am
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Someday I'll have a job that doesn't require me to come to work when the roads are completely terrible.

Today, unfortunately, is not that day. Our road conditions map is blue with ice and snow. I couldn't face de-icing my car again-- it was snowing when I came home this morning, so there's a thick layer of melted-snow ice on it. So I asked Raven to drive me to work, because his car lives in the garage.

If only I'd gotten a bit more sleep, I'd be entirely happy with this setup. For now. We'll see how I feel when I chip the car out in the morning to go to the library.
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Hello again, internet. It's been a long, long time. This being the first bit of the month, let's see if I can post two or three times a week all month, hey? (I've learned that I do better one or two small steps at a time, instead of adding everything at once and then flailing under it.)

So, in the state of the Corry, we have: Read more... )

And it's nasty-awful outside, so wish me luck getting home from here.


Aug. 16th, 2013 05:37 am
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The dye came off my hands eventually. Having three days off this week has seriously helped my ability to Get Shit Done.

I did some cleaning work in my room (Make The Pile Smaller) and bought new size 3 needles and am knitting a sock in worsted. I have about an inch and a half done. And now I feel good enough to go grocery shopping TOO.

I wish I could do this every week. Too bad I can't get work to cut my hours. (I know, so many people wish they had my troubles.)
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 I'm excited and ready to tackle a day off!

I just accidentally dyed most of one hand blue. I think it'll stain things. Oops.
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The problem with gender-neutral pronouns is that generally, even people who use them only want to use one set, and I see two distinct uses for them.Examples and lack of conclusion underneath. )
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In case I'm stubborn enough to do this again while I still have this car:

How to fit a papasan chair frame (which is a giant wicker dish with a stand) in a 2007 Impala (a mid-sized sedan):

1. Open the front doors of the car. Move the headrests on the front seats down (there is a press in doohickey around the metal posts of the headrests). Move the steering wheel to the highest position. Recline both front seats as far as possible.

2. Wedge the large part of the bowl, facing down, diagonally through the front passenger door. The bottom edge of the bowl MUST go between the gear shift and the dash in order for everything to fit. You will have to push the bowl to compress the door seal at the upper corner enough to get it through.

3. Next, push the bowl UP and over the seats, holding it against the dome, while you raise both front seats enough to get at the back seats and fold them down, allowing trunk area access. (If you folded the back seats down too early, you can't get the front seats down enough to get the bowl in. So don't get too clever here.) Slide the bowl, still facing down, partway into the trunk, and hold it up while you raise the front seats, then let it settle behind the front seats, firmly wedged in place.

4. Place the small stand part of the chair frame in the trunk. Shut all four doors. Adjust your seat some and drive away, sweating and still swearing.

I escaped!

Jul. 31st, 2013 07:18 am
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I left work at 6am and I am home and it is dark and the sun is just now coming up and it's humid and a little warm.

I moved the pillows to leave a spot by the headboard and The Boy is all FINALLY YOU UNDERSTAND ME and he's snoogled up in it.

I should make cat-icon soonish for him.

I am going to have a shower and a nap. I have a date later today. I feel a little meh but emotionally damn good.
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Not as horrifying as it has been in previous iterations. Still optimistic that work will get finished tonight. Was going to complain about $INCONVENIENCE but the people to whom I would complain have $INSANITY.

Energy level: 6/10 earlier, dropping now cause it's bedtime for Dark Elves.
Wellness level: 8/10, nothing hurts, all parts functioning as designed, ears still gurgling but that may continue for the indefinite future.
Mind visibility level: 7/10 now, hoping for higher later. It's a good day!
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Eldest Boy is 18, and more scruffy than fluffy, and blind. He's been with me all his life, and nearly half of mine.

I would have given him a bit of chicken, but I don't think he can manage the big hunks anymore. So I bit it into little kibble-sized pieces and watched him nom those greedily.

Yeah, I gave my cat chewdibites. I'm not ashamed.


Jul. 23rd, 2013 02:56 am
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So, uh. I think I hit a local maximum for misery earlier today.

But the good news is I bounced a little bit out of it. I'm still miserable and sore and hurting and TIRED. TIRED TIRED TIRED. But I'm a little bit hopeful that it's going to get better.

Energy level: 0.5/10
Wellness level: 4/10 right now (though earlier today I was at 2-ish)
Mind visibility level: 7, maybe even 8/10. Cheerful, even.
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So, my group of assorted friends doesn't all agree on LOTRO-- which, well, it is sort of depressing and not very bright and pretty all the time. I'm downloading Aion and getting it updated so we can try that this weekend. (Hey, free to play!)

Anyways, it's time for my General MMO Rant, revision whatever this is by now, What I Don't Need or Want in a Game.

Every single game has to have a different name for the following concepts:
  • This is the bar that shows your physical status, and when the bar runs out, you die.
  • This is the bar that shows your ability to use your powers or tricks, and when it runs out, you can't do those anymore until it builds up again.
  • This is the kind of character who uses a bow and has a pet that helps them fight.
  • This is the kind of character who stands back and uses sparkly effects to do things.

Every single game uses a different term for these things. So then you're trying to remember which one is the blue bar and... okay, what's this name mean again? What do the green bottles do? DRINK ME.

Then on top of that there's class names, area names, city names, and all the NPCs who I can never remember the appearances of. I need more coffee...
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Just basically slept through an entire weekend, including nearly falling asleep during a conversation last night for no apparent reason.

The tree guys came and cut down the dead tree in the yard, and a couple branches over the roof from the oak tree. Grim was fascinated by the falling sawdust-- he thought it was the Biggest Squirrel Ever just outside of view.

I did manage to make food for myself once or twice, so that's something, right? Freezer pasta doctored up with avocado and little grape tomatoes. Delicious!

Energy level: 2/10 but at least I'm awake, right?
Wellness level: 5/10 Fine, except this cough. And exhaustion. And itches.
Mind visibility: 5/10 I feel pretty with-it. For now.
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A little off-topic for the discussion I posted it in, but possibly of interest for anyone who might want to complain about employee rudeness at a store:

Something that managers-- good ones-- will take into account when deciding how seriously to take a rudeness complaint is the no/yes politeness divide. An employee can use equally blunt wording to tell one customer yes and another customer no, and the “yes” customer won’t think anything more about it, but the “no” customer will complain. In most cases the complaints can be prevented by training the employee to be more polite when telling people no, but some customers will complain no matter how nice, polite, apologetic the employee is because they feel like “there ought to have been something they could do.”

So, many managers will keep track of “told me no and was rude!!” reports, educate, and only act if they see a pattern, but a “did what I wanted BUT was rude” report demands immediate action.

On the flip side, employees who are a little bit less than perfectly polite may get better results, because some customers/clients like to be scolded a little bit. It can reinforce the effect that they truly care about the service they're giving you-- a hairdresser who grumps at you for cutting your own bangs, for instance, can make you feel that they’re really invested in making your hair look good.

Aren't our brains weird?

Wuh oh.

Jul. 16th, 2013 05:20 am
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(This entry has been Piranhacized.)

New employees having trouble identifying the parts of the piranha. I would settle for "the bitey end" and "the non-bitey end" at this point.

Three days off later this week cannot come soon enough. I already jam-packed them with plans as follows:

Wednesday: ME DAY. Sleep, play around online a bit.
Thursday: THIS HOUSE, A PIT. Clean like my parents' opinion depends on it. (So, likely to be be 20 minute bursts with loud music and tons of dry-erase-board lists.)
Friday: Birthday celebrating for the youngest two-legged member of the household. Food, cake, possibly even presents. Movie! Shopping! Fun!
Friday night: Collapse in exhaustion and sleep up until work Saturday night.

Today I...

Jul. 13th, 2013 07:04 pm
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Used my Google-fu for good. (Answering "what is this thing on my sewing machine?" for someone.)

Found my eensy needle-nose pliers and will be taking them to work to fix a co-worker's jewelry. Apparently I'm the fixer-of-things person; so far I've grafted the hood back on a knitted jacket, restored two holes in an afghan, and turned a tattered long-sleeve shirt into a sharp short-sleeve. Also, if my co-worker ever brings her kid's dress, I'm repairing the front panel on a fancy holiday dress.

Tomorrow some friends and I are playing LOTRO together. I'm a little nervous that things won't go off well, but it won't be for lack of trying on my part. Also, one of the people playing usually calls me legal-name, one has made an effort to switch from that to use-name, and the other two call me use-name always (and in return I think of them by use-names, too). Should be exciting on Vent.

Sometime this week will be the re-dyeing of the hair, but it escapes me when I'll find time.

Energy level: 6/10 (I believe I could do a little walk)
Wellness level: 4/10 (is that a sore throat AGAIN?)
Mind visibility: 8/10 (that thing I was s'posed to remember? I remembered it!)
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Called off plans with someone last night, not just because I was tired, but because I couldn't think of anything except how much I wanted to go to sleep.

Energy level: 1/10
Wellness level: 5/10 (hey, check out that chronic dry cough)
Mind visibility: 5/10 (not writing level but pretty good otherwise)
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That's two weeks in a row that I was supposed to get off work early, and didn't.

Oh well, another couple of hours won't hurt the paycheck.
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...the excitement of posting two days in a row. Whee!

The LOTRO group-thing doesn't seem to be planned out yet. I have spoolegated (=delegated to preserve spoons) the deciding of when to play and organization of everyone to appear at that time. (If any of my friends wants to join us, it's Lord of the Rings Online, it's free to play but does take a fairly decent video card. I'm a reasonably casual player and a fairly serious crafter, so expect some cooking and such but not much raiding.)

I want to balance out the un-funking of my space with some good creative work. This probably means today I have to make progress toward the cleaning of the kitchen, so I can use the island tomorrow for heavy quilting.

I need a way to break up the tasks into things I can do in 10 minutes, no more than 6 of them a day, and not wind up with things half-done for the cats to tear up or for Raven's delicate sensibilities to be offended.

Energy level: 5/10
Wellness level: 6/10 (still congested, ears gurgling)
Mind visibility: 4/10 (fighting the brain fog) with gusts of 6/10


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