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Today's plans:

Go downstairs and start laundry so that it'll be dry and ready to wear by 9am.

9am: Take the kid to Barnes and Noble. Have hot chocolate and Practice Being Practical And Responsible by writing out a list of everyone we have to buy presents for. Discuss budget. Discuss what stores to go to.

Shortly thereafter: Shop like mad things until lunchtime.

Have lunch. Go home. Crash out.

This evening: Peel and core and slice apples and put them in the crockpot for apple butter in the morning.
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Outside my window, the whole world is covered in snow.

The trees are lit, the cats are snoozing.

This afternoon, Raven got me out of bed (where I was about to drop off) to let me know that it was 53 degrees in the kid's room. We've fastened up covers over the windows, which should help some (a couple of degrees, even in the howling wind) and covered the bottom of the door so at least the rest of the house can stay warm.

So, I'm in bed, perfectly toasty under two blankets. Today has not been perfect but it has been wonderful. Everyone I miss, I'll get to see soon enough: next week, next year, or in the fullness of time.

In just a few minutes, it'll be Christmas.

To my Christian friends, I hope your Christmas is as merry as mine.

And to my non-Christian friends-- I wish you bliss. I don't know where or when you'll get it, but I wish it for you.
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Friday will be six years since my Grandma B died. Eight months since my Granny died.

This will be my first Christmas without any grandmothers at all.

Someday, I'll be able to hear Christmas music, anything I like, and remember the good times, and not just break down in tears and have to pull the car over into a parking lot and cry.

I have to believe that. It's got to get better. Maybe next year?
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So I have a Christmas songs station on Pandora. I seeded it with Christmas song titles and that's pretty much what it plays.


So I'm humming along and wondering why I don't know this song, and on a closer listen, it's talking about the miracle-- of the 8 days.

So, Pandora, are you trying to tell me something here?

If you like Christmas, you'll LOVE Hanukkah!
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and try to keep it all the year."

Newest addition to "things that make me cry" list:

Deciding that we will have a tree at OUR house, so that I don't feel that Christmas is something that I work very hard for, so that it can happen to other people.


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