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Totally disjointed list of stuff:

Last week I did very well and got three bags of trash down the stairs and into the big can before the trash truck came. This week, not so well at that. But it's okay. Progress is progress.

So far, I am 10 months into the year's experiment of wearing one pair of shoes (plus one for running in). Not searching for shoes or feeling like I ought to be doing something to rotate shoes has made me unreasonably contented. I do think I would like a third pair-- regular shoes, running shoes, and flip-flops. (Preferably, actually, the kind that don't have a toe wedgie bit, so I can wear socks in the winter. I AM TERRIBLE at fashion. I love Birks and hand-knitted socks. Plus, in the rain, just strip them off inside and let dry, instead of squodging around in wet shoes all day.)

There is an Ingress anomaly here in town in a month! Uh, for those who don't Ingress-- it's a social game that requires GPS and a smartphone and a data plan. It's like capture the flag, and connect the dots, and it takes about an hour to learn to do really well and is very neat for late-night socialing and meeting new people and finding new places and seeing fun stuff. An anomaly is a big event with about 500 people running around downtown playing as teams instead of solo, and actually can change the storyline of the game. We went to one in Tulsa and had a fantastic time, and amazingly there is another one coming here to my town in November!

I have got to get in better shape. The 4 hours of walking in Tulsa was completely exhausting. I have a month to get it more together; I think I can start by going for a run today.

Other plans today:
Go to the yarn store and buy a spare shuttle for my loom. Show off my fancy-ass scarf I wove.
Bake some bread.
Make chicken sausage pasta, or chicken sausage rice. Not sure which I want.
Do laundry.

Also, we had some friends over yesterday including a 4 year old (human). Grim likes people, and he's mostly convinced that children are people, but sometimes they get noisy and he retreats a bit. He did really well yesterday, but ran out of cope and had to lie down on the couch for a half hour. (Uh... Grim is a cat, in case that is not completely clear.) We're having more people over Thursday and I look forward to seeing what he thinks of them.

I still miss my Geeg and get that lump in the throat and have to blink a while, but it's been several days since a full-out sobbing fit. I'm pretty okay with that.
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My current goal is to get through a week and only have to go grocery shopping twice. This week's meal plan:

(A) Everyone on their own for breakfast. Cereal, oatmeal, milk, fruit purchased.

(B) Everyone on their own for lunch; a few frozen dinners and some leftovers will be available.

(C) Dinners:
1) Steamed chicken with broccoli and new potatoes.
2) Taco night
3) Meatball sandwiches and salad
4) Beans and bacon, possibly as a beans-and-rice combo, or with leftover taco meat... something.
5) Fish sticks and corn and mashed potatoes.
6) Chicken ON A STICK with veggies ON A STICK.
7) Pigs in a blanket (Sausage wrapped in crescent rolls) plus salad.

I'd like to fit in more veggies, but I'm only picking up this recipe thing so fast, so that'll probably be a next week thing.

This week's grocery bill minus some household incidentals was $140. (Some of that, however, was me stocking up on butter, and buying salad dressing, and so on, not things we'll need every week.) And we already had tacos for lunch and nommed up all 8 of the tortillas (which, happily, are cheap, so I can get more today or tomorrow).
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I just picked:

1 lb 5 1/2 ounces (600g or so) of red mulberries


15 1/2 oz (440g) of white mulberries.

And I'm about to go load up the dehydrator. I picked these up the street, for free. Yay free! Yay sweet!

If I have time, I'll go back tomorrow or the next day and pick the next batch, and try making jam.


Dec. 31st, 2009 05:28 pm
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My parents came up and got me a super cool present.

See, only 3 burners on my cooktop were working. That and the oven are both vintage and original to the house. And in a state of vintage, original grease coating internal to every part.

I now have...
1) A new two-door freestanding cabinet in front of the kitchen window
2) A pretty gray-and-tan (it's "Brazilian Granite" color pattern) countertop on said cabinet
3) The old cooktop sitting outside waiting for big trash day


4) A new white smoothtop range with convection oven.


I am so totally cooking.

Tomorrow. When I'm not too tired to stand up.


Oct. 13th, 2009 01:13 am
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Reusing a spaghetti sauce jar by filling it with hot homemade crock pot chicken breast tenders with onions and spaghetti sauce, then topping it off with some hot white rice, for consumption at work.

Reusing a spaghetti sauce jar by filling it with hot homemade crock pot chicken breast tenders with onions and spaghetti sauce, then topping it off with some hot white rice, then arriving at work to discover that as it cooled off, it vacuum-locked the jar.

However, my thumb has healed up enough that I was able to manhandle the lid off. And the chicken is NOMtastic.
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Modified from the cookie recipe in Real Simple this month. My version doesn't have any of that foofy parchment paper stuff and things.

You will need, in addition to the ingredients:
a 9 x 13 baking pan
butter or spray oil to grease the pan
an electric mixer

Grease and flour the pan.
Preheat the oven to 350.

Combine the following in a large bowl (not the mixer bowl) and set aside:
2 1/4 cups flour (all purpose is fine)
2 tsp ginger-- I wouldn't increase this, it's plenty gingery as is. And don't decrease it, if you don't like ginger make some other cookie or something.
3/4 tsp cinnamon (I increased this)
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda

In the mixer bowl, combine the following:
1 cup (2 sticks) butter at room temperature (real butter. and not chilled.)
1 1/4 cups white (granulated) sugar
1 1/4 cups light brown sugar, packed

Cream until well mixed.

4 eggs

Add in the eggs and beat some more.

Add the flour mixture SLOWLY, JUST UNTIL MIXED.

12 ounce (1 bag) semi-sweet chocolate chips (I want to try this with peanut butter).

Mix in the chips.

Spread batter in pan. It will be thick as a sports scholarship student anything.

Bake 40-50 minutes at 350 or until toothpick comes out clean.

The original recipe says cool before cutting, but you really need to stick these in the fridge until the chocolate solidifies enough that it won't go everywhere.

Cut into eensy pieces, about 50 to a pan. Don't eat more than three or four, these are pretty rich and you will regret it if you do.
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I crashed out yesterday about 3:30pm, and slept like the de... a lot. I woke up about 4AM and figured I'd best do something with my day.

So far:

Cleaned the kitchen counters
Unloaded, then loaded the dishwasher
Peeled 20 apples (go go gadget peeler-corer-slicer) and set them to boil a bit for apple butter. Prepped the crock pots and got them ready.

Still on the list:

Make at least 2 batches of bread
Call my folks at a reasonable hour, like 7:30AM, and find out if they got the court order yet
If court order, get dressed and head to Moore
Either way, clean out the trunk of my car. (The rest is already cleaned out.) Maybe a visit to the car wash might be in order.

Apples smell lovely. Here's my bread recipe and prep notes for future reference:
in which I use every tool at my disposal to make it all easy )
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*2 loaves bread baked

*1 headscarf finished and blocked

pic under cut )

*Yarn bought for other 1/2 of gold-colored neck scarf (and more needles and some sock yarn)

*3 55-gallon bags of clothes marked for discard/giving to friends/donating
*1 laundry load of t-shirts sorted out of that and washed for a friend
pics of said shirts )

*2 loads of laundry, that is, ALL MY CLOTHES NOW washed and put away

*Load of dishes running in dishwasher

And soonish, I'm going for a nap.
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Today's lunch:

Baby spinach leaves
Chicken breast
Roma tomatoes (2)
Mushrooms (3)
Chickpeas (half a cup)
Guacamole, single-serving pack
A few tortilla chips

The good news is, my favorite pre-packaged guacamole is now sold in "100-calorie" single-serving packs.

The bad news is, this means that the previous vacuum packs were 300 calories.

;;guilty look;;
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Low-sugar pectin: $1.50 for a 3 pack, over in housewares; compared to $2.12 for a one-pack in the baking aisle.

This makes the cost, 8 cups of mulberry jam, a whopping:
60 cents sugar (4 cups out of an 8 cup bag for $1.20)
50 cents pectin
96 cents jar lids (not reusable, the jars are however)
$2.06 for 8 cups of homemade jam, plus the labor of picking/cooking. In case of storing the jam in just plain reusable jars, that cost is halved. (But it only keeps for a couple weeks in the fridge that way.)

Yarn: "Freedom Spirit," 100% wool, by Twilleys of Stamford. 50g/120m. Bought at The Wool Pack in MA. Shade 506.

Finally getting around to using the blue/brown colorway I had stuck back; it's a pretty dual-strand of blue/purple/sky-blue/tan/brown. Much nicer than it sounds. I'm making another insulated lunchbag, as my current one isn't big enough when I bring jam and bread to work.

I just pretty much cast on some stitches for a bottom and started knitting, then I'll pick up around all 4 sides when I'm done and knit til "wool and patience are nearly exhausted" (per Zimmerman).

It feels good to be back knitting again. I really should knit more, and clean up the house more, but when I also really, really want to get my priest to 70 and raid with the guild... well, I need to set some priorities so that I can fit things into the corners of my life.

I have about 4 levels left to go, and a general estimate of time spent per level is 10-12 hours. I don't expect to get this done in a week, of course, or even two or three; but I really would like to fit in 4-5 hours at least on the weekends.

My jam.

Jun. 6th, 2008 11:09 am
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IT IS JAM!!! Hooray!

For the record: taking the pot immediately off the stove, and sinking it in a sink full of ice water, seemed to do the trick.
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Barbara Kingsolver, who may be better known for her Poisonwood Bible, has also written a non-fiction book about her family's quest to live as much as possible off locally grown food.

Three things-- two short and one long. )
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I think I'm over my first mad about the whole thing. Basically, the guild I was in felt it was important not to offend current guildies by asking them to change their behavior. This resulted in a couple of folks having some very bad insulting arguments in /guildchat, and some folks choosing to leave the guild because the disagreements weren't conducted in a respectful manner.

Contrary to popular opinion, asking people to abide by the guild rules is not "trying to take the guild leader's job"; answering an obvious factual question when the guild leader is busy is also not "trying to take the guild leader's job." Neither one is, as it was charmingly put, "gaytarded."

So, I really do wish them luck in Kara on Sunday, especially missing two of their ten regulars (and three if Anthrak decides not to go too). Much as it might give me a private moment of satisfaction to see them fail miserably, I don't really want that to happen...more than once. Ya know?

Anyways, drama being over-- I had Torvish (the warrior who's been tanking Kara for the past few weeks) over for dinner Thursday night. He's a pretty cool guy and the cats seem to like him. I made some chicken on a stick and mashed potatoes, and it was all et up.

I was also exceedingly proud of myself for one thing-- I accidentally got chicken breasts with bones, but rather than throw away the bones and remaining meat, I made some stock, with which I made chicken rice this morning. (Stock and little bits of chicken picked off the bones.)

I'm currently reading Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, which I will review a bit later.
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Make your own bacon

With pictures. Mmm, yeah.
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Having read a couple weeks of the bento lunch community here on LJ, I've come to the conclusion that nutrition science has changed since I was in school.
Here's the Am I Crazy rant, which you can skip. )

I'm currently weighing some "basic rules" for the kid's lunch, and I thought the following were strict but not ridiculous:

--No sweet things allowed at lunch except fruits. (a.k.a. no cookies, candy) Fruits can only constitute 1/3 of the lunch at most.
--Must have at least one thing that has lots of protein: tuna, turkey, beans, etc.
--Must have at least three different foods.

So, a turkey sandwich, carrot sticks with ranch, and a couple of strawberries would count.
Apple slices with peanut butter plus some tuna fish and crackers would count.

Basically, we're moving toward the independence of the kid making her own lunch, but this is not the All Fun Gummy Corn Syrup Shape Hour. She gets points on Chore Wars for making her lunch right, and I want to make sure she doesn't feel that it's an arbitrary decision on my part.


May. 9th, 2008 02:34 pm
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Two batches (24 each, or a whole panful) from a package of wonton wrappers.

Approximately 2/3 of a pound of ground beef, and a tablespoon or more of minced garlic.
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I spent part of the night looking at food pr0n-- specifically, bento.

So this morning I bought a little reusable container that's about 7" by 5" by 1.5".

I bought a new rice cooker, cause I had given my last one away thinking I had a spare, and didn't.

I bought some ground beef and some veggies.

And I made a little box lunch that has eight tiny meatballs, three larger rice balls, some steamed veggies, a Roma tomato, and two strawberries, all separated by lettuce leaf dividers. A separate tiny box holds my fig-cookie dessert.

The kid also has a box, which is rice, veggies, and meatballs, with sides of sliced tomato and cut up strawberries.

I am totally thrilled. This beats Hot Pockets and sandwiches all to hell.


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