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So I'm awake, finally (got up just before 5, fortunately catching [ profile] pentane time for the morning).

I have my bedroom and bathroom windows wide open, it's 65 outside and gooooorgeous weather. I'll close them when the sun comes up and catch all the cool air inside. FREE A/C baby.

My Only Misbegotten Son came BOUNDING up the stairs when I opened the bedroom door and has been parked in the window since I opened it. I am SO GLAD he feels better.

I desperately need to commit a neatness in this room real soon now. I still have 5 boxes left to go through and more laundry to do (of course).

When my dad comes tomorrow, the plan is to brace the clothesline against sagging by setting it 20' apart and making a crosspiece of metal connecting the two ends.

I think maybe I could get my desk up here today, which would be nice. Eventually I want a comfy chair to sit in, too.

I REALLY need to get some hooks to hold back the curtains.

The plants could go in today, once I get the garden ready.


Cleaning of my room
Buying hooks for curtains
Hanging hooks (and also some pictures I have that need hung)
Exercise (either biking before dawn or walking after sunup)

And...that's really it.
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I managed to get 5 hours of sleep, from probably 1230-530pm, which is not bad considering I didn't wake up Friday morning until 6am. (I've been sleeping early evenings through early mornings on the days I'm off. I'm not sure if that's the summer daylight or what.)

I did get to go swimming!!! last night. (In an indoor pool, for those wondering about the logistics of that.)

Raven has nearly finished digging up the east garden (along the east blank wall of the house). I get to attack it with the cultivating fork and add some topsoil and stuff. What fun!

The vegetable plants have been moved to the garage, where they are reasonably safe from herbivorous kittens. They're up and about ready to plant, when the weather is nice enough to go outside without misery.

My knee is feeling quite a bit better, and hopefully it'll be doing better as I gain some more leg strength. (It's just been hurting since I got the bike, which I think is not a coincidence.)
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Today's agenda so far:

Get up.
No, really, get up.
Seriously. Put clothes on. Go downstairs.
Breakfast first, with ibuprofen (knee hurts a bit).
Then make sure there's litter in the garage and do the catboxes.
Once all the catboxes are done, load the dishwasher.
Then hop on the bike (whee!)

About 8, I need to call my dad and see if he's coming up today to help with the gutters (we don't have a ladder long enough). [ETA: He's not, weather's too crappy.]

This afternoon I have to clean up a bit and head over to [ profile] totallywired's for the evening. There could be swimming! Yay!


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