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Picking up something I wrote on Rav:

Regarding the idea of "Some ridiculous percentage of women are wearing the wrong size bra":

I actually find it kind of annoying that this issue is always presented as “Women are choosing to wear the wrong size bra” as if it were a free choice. It’s like saying “people are choosing not to purchase fresh organic locally-grown fruits and vegetables for every meal.” Sure, if you have an infinite grocery budget, you can pick whatever you want, but the rest of us are in the frozen-foods aisle because we’re trying to feed 3 people for $75/week.

I’ve noticed that almost all the stories of “I was wearing the wrong size!” start with “I was wearing (size you can buy at Wal-Mart for $15)” and end with “but I really should be wearing size 36 3/4 omega-Z, which is only available at the store where they fitted me, and costs $200 for three bras! What a bargain!” (And yeah, amazingly, when you pay umpty-three dollars for a bra, it does feel nicer than a cheapo one.)

Not all women are lucky enough to live where they can be fitted for a bra. Not all can afford to make a special trip to be fitted. And even once they know what size they “should” be wearing, they may not be able to afford those bras. If your bra budget is $15, I don’t think it’s foolish to buy one that sort of fits rather than have no bra at all.

And my personal note: I bought bras 8 weeks ago in size 40DDD. They cost $35-40 at regular price (I got some on clearance).

And lately? I'm looking at the 38D size, which costs $10-15 and comes in pretty colors.

I think that kind of cost range makes it perfectly freaking obvious why women choose a 'wrong size' bra. It's not because they're silly or vain, it's because they're broke.
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Well, I've been pondering history as a school subject for some nights now. It's about time for the kiddo to start formal history (as opposed to the informal discussions we have, the ones sparked by movies and books and stuff we see in the store).

And, of course, like a good feminist, I reckon that I ought to include some women's history. But then I started thinking-- What exactly IS women's history, and why is it important, and to whom? And what do excessively feminine girls have to do with it all? )


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