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Note to self:

While you don't like feeling deprived of food, you're just as happy with 3 bites of something yummy as 10-- or 30.

So I made little snack things for work with rice cakes (rosemary and garlic. SO GOOD) and cheddar bunny crackers and a couple of gingerbread marshmallows (not as good as expected but still worth eating two or three) and bites of dried pineapple. And tonight I'll pick up yogurt at the store and take a half-dozen of those yellow cherry tomatoes and FEAST all night.

Kiz was right, I do some terrible eating when I have the chance to. I need to work on doing better about that.
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I would've just said "Paging [ profile] miss_next and [ profile] cartesiandaemon" but I wasn't sure if perhaps some other folks had insight as well.

So I'm in a group on Ravelry called "Summer Slimmers." The group moderator and several of its members live in the U.K. and so naturally, I've posted something and am now wondering if what I said "translates" at all. The question is "What do you eat when you crave chocolate?"

I'm trying to discuss American snack food, which apparently is composed of the sort of thing the rest of the civilized world blows into their attics for insulation1, so we're not getting a really good cross-cultural discussion going. For instance, take the granola bar:

The idea of a "chocolate chip granola bar" is probably familiar to almost all Americans. On the other hand, Sainsbury's seems to think that a "granola bar" is a single brand of item and consists of granola only. And a wrapper. They don't have anything that resembles this sort of superficially-healthy (but probably loaded with HFCS) item.

In fact, I'm not sure they CALL it HFCS. Do they? The other depressing possibility is that they don't have a corn lobby there and don't actually take a giant sugar-dump in every possible food product.

So! If you (or any of your British-English-speaking friends) were the sort of person to enjoy a, um, "healthier biscuit" (which is apparently Sainsbury's website's name for this sort of thing) what kinds of things would you eat?

1I still fondly remember a discussion in EQ, where I was explaining to Rustiel (a Brit) what a Pop Tart was made of and why it was delicious. I'm still not sure whether he really didn't get it, or was genteelly pretending not to lest I should finish my description by shouting "The Aristocrats!"
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The list of things I brought to eat today:

1 8-ounce container of potato and ham soup
1 chicken sandwich (square bun-like rolls from the day-old rack, chicken breast from crock pot, and a little bit of asiago cheese dressing)
1 cinnamon-roll Pop Tart
3 teeny bottles of Diet Dr. Pepper
1 20-ounce French vanilla instant coffee thing from the convenience store

Hopefully this will get me through 8 hours here at work without starving to death.


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