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Some of you may already know that I believe the time between 4-5AM is the time to ask any odd questions that may be floating around in your head.

So, here is one for you all, straight from the back crisper drawer of my mind:

Imagine a magical 3-wish-granting genie.

This genie will grant wishes, with the stipulation that you may not wish for more wishes, nor for the ability to grant wishes to others. The genie is willing to grant wishes to as many people as it can, and you are the lucky 100th person who will be getting your wishes granted! There's just a few restrictions:

1. Wishes must be written down and submitted in advance.
2. The genie will go through the wishes in order, granting as they go.
3. If someone else has previously asked for an item, and you ask for it again, you don't get it. For example-- #39 asks for a Harley and #41 asks for a Honda GoldWing. #39 gets it, #41 doesn't (because they are both motorcycles). The astute among us will notice that this pretty well lets the "money!" wish out.
4. Not getting a wish through rule 3 doesn't mean your other 2 wishes can't be considered.

What would you wish for, that 99 other random people wouldn't likely want? Or is there something you want so badly that you'd wish for it, even though you might waste a wish by doing so?

What if you were #1000 in line, would your wishes change? Or what if the rule was that anyone who came AFTER you wishing for the same thing would mean you didn't get your wish?
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OK, so I've been reading profiles again. A whole lot of people seem to take pride in (or at least be amused by) being different from those around them.

So, my usual question came up-- what if everyone else had the trait that makes you different? Would you want to change the trait then?

But then, I started wondering this:

If you were offered a large sum of money to live for a year or two in a community of people "like you," what traits would you want to have in common with your community?

I'm assuming that some of the less important things would be mutable if everyone else had them (i.e. "I got these frames for my glasses because they're unique"-- if everyone else had them, you might have chosen something else for its unique value) but I also think some folks might like, for a while, to live in an environment where something about them was in the majority.

So, what'll it be?


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