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Tonight's realization: "Oh shit, next month is this week!"

Where did the time go?

I've lined up my list of things to do before Christmas, and they all look perfectly reasonable, but I have no idea if they're going to get done or not. I've been ill for a couple of weeks, doing some better (enough to post this, for example) but not sure if I'll be really better by Christmas or not.

I'm going to try to start the mittens my mom wants for Christmas sometime this week. Pictures will be posted when I do.

Holidays are a rough time for me, so if you see anything of me at all, be excited. Work tends to be rough, this year more than ever, so it'll be a miracle if I emerge anytime before 1/2/12.
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Today's winner on the Wheel O' Symptoms:

Pain between the shoulderblades. This really narrows down my troubles to something in the digestive areas, so that means I just need to work on figuring out what I can eat safely and then work back up from there. I'm feeling a LOT better than I did last Saturday at this time (when I was alternately praying for death and thinking about calling out sick from work, which I never do) but still not 100%.

Please, there is no need to comment and inform me that pain between the shoulderblades could be a heart attack. I'm well aware that the symptoms of a heart attack for people of my sex include shoulderblade pain, nausea, feelings of being suddenly hot or cold, unusual exhaustion, and anxiety. While I'm sure that women who report having had heart attacks had these "symptoms" prior to them, given that many women of the age for heart attacks have those symptoms 9 days out of 10 (even if you take "unusual exhaustion" to mean something more than one's everyday exhaustion) I don't think it's a good prediction tool.

So, I'm trying to determine if I feel up to staying up Wednesday morning to cook and entertain, and I'm thinking I may not, which is a bummer, but I'd almost rather have the sleep. I might just reschedule for December 1st or something... after all, holidays are when we make them, aren't they?
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I'm thankful to be alive and able to enjoy life.

I'm thankful for my job, and for my co-workers who keep me from having to work all the time.

I'm thankful for my home, and my possessions, thankful most especially for those things I desperately wanted that we found a way to get. (Thank you Johnny B. for my wonderful MacBook Pro! And thank you Raven for building me a PC out of spare parts and cat hair.)

I'm thankful for my family, both my [ profile] st0rmraven and [ profile] ravenlet, and those who don't live with me; the family I was lucky to be born into and the family I was lucky to find and love.

I'm thankful for my friends, near and far; every time we meet is a blessing, and the intervals between.

I'm thankful for Geeg and Chisa, who have been with me since before I was married, and Engineer Cat who is most instructive.

I'm thankful for this holiday. I'm thankful for comfort and warm food and the blessings of being together with one another, and (this may seem strange to you Northerners but bear with me here) I'm thankful for the coming winter*, for the rest and repair and settling of cold weather. I'm thankful that after Thanksgiving comes Christmas, and this year I'm ready to celebrate again!

I'm thankful for joy, and thankful that it doesn't rest in any one person-- it's a constant creation suffusing the world, if only we can open ourselves to it.

And now, it's time for me to go start laundry and herbed bread, and go have lunch today with my great-aunt and family, none of whom I've seen since I was married many years ago.

*"Winter" in this area is the secular name for "the weeks of sweatshirt weather between Christmas and the Super Bowl."
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Monday morning I went out and looked at trees at Hobby Lobby. They had very little in the range of "not enormously tall and expensive."

So, I got my tree at Wal-Mart. I had looked at the various ones on display and matched up boxes and prices to trees, but there was one stack at the end with some kind of species of tree I didn't know-- a Black Fir. You know how they name the artificial trees after some kind of real tree that they're supposed to resemble, right?

Turns out that there is no Black Fir. There are fir trees, and this one...happens to come in the color black.

I couldn't resist. I now own a black Christmas tree. It's cheap and plastic and only 5' tall, but it's mine and I picked it out.

I am planning on asking the kid if she wants to put up the tree on my birthday (which is Sunday) or on Black Friday, as a tradition. We'll have a little chat about calendars and moving holidays and discuss how Thanksgiving is on the 4th Thursday, and thus Black Friday is on the Friday after the 4th Thursday, and see if she can deduce for herself whether my birthday can fall after Black Friday or not. (For those of you not willing to fiddle about with paper and pencil, Black Friday can fall on the 23rd through the 29th inclusive, so my birthday can fall ON it, but not AFTER it.)

This is the kind of wicked math puzzle my uncle used to set me, and I loved it.

I know some folks prefer to put up the tree later, like the 1st or even the 24th; what would you do?
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embroidery pic )

I'm working on one with some more apt symbols of Christmas around here, since we don't really have sleds and snow and stuff at this time of year.


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