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Totally disjointed list of stuff:

Last week I did very well and got three bags of trash down the stairs and into the big can before the trash truck came. This week, not so well at that. But it's okay. Progress is progress.

So far, I am 10 months into the year's experiment of wearing one pair of shoes (plus one for running in). Not searching for shoes or feeling like I ought to be doing something to rotate shoes has made me unreasonably contented. I do think I would like a third pair-- regular shoes, running shoes, and flip-flops. (Preferably, actually, the kind that don't have a toe wedgie bit, so I can wear socks in the winter. I AM TERRIBLE at fashion. I love Birks and hand-knitted socks. Plus, in the rain, just strip them off inside and let dry, instead of squodging around in wet shoes all day.)

There is an Ingress anomaly here in town in a month! Uh, for those who don't Ingress-- it's a social game that requires GPS and a smartphone and a data plan. It's like capture the flag, and connect the dots, and it takes about an hour to learn to do really well and is very neat for late-night socialing and meeting new people and finding new places and seeing fun stuff. An anomaly is a big event with about 500 people running around downtown playing as teams instead of solo, and actually can change the storyline of the game. We went to one in Tulsa and had a fantastic time, and amazingly there is another one coming here to my town in November!

I have got to get in better shape. The 4 hours of walking in Tulsa was completely exhausting. I have a month to get it more together; I think I can start by going for a run today.

Other plans today:
Go to the yarn store and buy a spare shuttle for my loom. Show off my fancy-ass scarf I wove.
Bake some bread.
Make chicken sausage pasta, or chicken sausage rice. Not sure which I want.
Do laundry.

Also, we had some friends over yesterday including a 4 year old (human). Grim likes people, and he's mostly convinced that children are people, but sometimes they get noisy and he retreats a bit. He did really well yesterday, but ran out of cope and had to lie down on the couch for a half hour. (Uh... Grim is a cat, in case that is not completely clear.) We're having more people over Thursday and I look forward to seeing what he thinks of them.

I still miss my Geeg and get that lump in the throat and have to blink a while, but it's been several days since a full-out sobbing fit. I'm pretty okay with that.
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End of life update for Eldest Cat )

I've had a half-dozen likes since I posted that. I'm crying and covered in snot and my eyes are throbbing (I'm not a good cryer) but I really do feel loved. And like my friends are cheering us on, that we can make it this last little bit together.

And we will.

Edit: Saturday morning:
We did make it. He was so tired this morning that it broke my heart to pick him up. But he made it through with no pain and no fear.
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final news for kitten )

Hug 'em if you got 'em, folks.
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So, within 24 hours of my getting a new laptop, Raven's computer fried its motherboard. This has been an expensive day. (Though I am grateful to have the money to replace things when they break, and not have to wait two weeks.)

Speaking of expensive, it's time to take Dim to the vet to get tutored-- hoping we can get him in later this week. We have three to get done, but with the other two being girls, it's crucial to get him fixed first. Sure, there are low-cost spay-neuter places, but again, I have the money to support a relationship with our local vet, who is six blocks away, and avoid a long trip with a miserable cat. Dim might turn out to be a car rider, but he might not be, and I'd rather not have him squall miserably and be trusted to strangers if I can help it.

And the kid needs her eyes examined again. It's like I'm made of money, some months. I'll call Monday and get that appointment for her.

So, Raven and I are playing LOTRO (when his computer works, he's playing) on Silverlode server. They've got a free-to-play deal going on, if anybody happens to have a computer that'll run it. My character is Huldis if you'd like to find me. I'll likely be on Saturday and Sunday mornings both...
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For those who aren't completely sick of it yet, moar kitten video:
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We have two kittens in the cage in the garage. They are right by the window, which we leave open for the breeze. They both seem to be okay with being handled and picked up and while they haven't noticeably gained weight, they are a lot more active and sociable now. The black kitten Dim (he's kind of dim in both ways) will meow at anyone who comes into the garage for attention.

White kitten is still outside but we are putting food out for her. Raven may borrow a humane trap from a local woman who is a feral cat wrangler; once we get her/him into the garage, it's all good from there.

Once the kittens get a little more weight on them and are more used to being handled, we can bathe them in dishwashing soap for the fleas. (You can't use the flea drops until 12 weeks old.)

Raven posted videos on YouTube, which I can't get to right now, but they're under his username st0rmraven there.
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We appear to have acquired 3 feral kittens in our garage.

They are, by my guess, 4-6 weeks old (still fuzzy and pointy-tailed, but scampering).

Raven and I will be discussing whether we try to get Pets for People or some other agency to socialize them, or socialize them ourselves, or what. No, we can't keep three more indoor cats.

Pics later, I'm sure.
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In which Kiz describes the habits of the Dean, including carrying around pennies.

Apparently Dean and the kitten are spiritual siblings. He is playing with money even as I type this. And tear-assing around the house and making the Eldest Cat grumpy in his energeticness.

Raven thinks "Grimaulkin" is growing on him as a name. I say it has "grim" and "maul" in it, what could possibly go wrong?
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He is nomming the plants in the bathroom.

It wouldn't be so funny, but he's biting down so hard that I can hear his teeth clicking together from here.

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Engineer Cat is going nuts tonight. He's been running around the house meowing since 9pm, in a "Pay attention! Something is wrong!" way. We've both followed him around and talked to him and shown him everything in the house, but somehow he's just convinced.

The previous time he did "Timmy in the well" like this, I was not waking up for work, and he led Raven to me to get me up.

If the downstairs neighbors are making meth or we die in a CO leak, please to be noting that the cat did try to warn us.
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make wit da cute )

Also, for bonus credit, identify these flowers? ETA: Thanks [ profile] strph, these are in fact henbit.

flowers! )


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