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Share 25 little-known facts about yourself, is the meme.

1. Secretly, I'm a morning person. [ profile] dda can attest to this.

2. Despite knitting for a couple of years, there are some things I still haven't done. I did one just today-- working garter stitch in the round. (I normally work it flat and join in the round, but it didn't make sense to in this case.)

3. Probably not a secret, but once a month I sleep a whole lot and nothing gets done.

4. My grandmother, when asked "Is this so-and-so?" on the phone, would always answer "This is she." I always love answering "That's I!" too.

5. I like to make to-do lists with at least one thing I've already done so I can check it off. I already added the to-do list app to my Gmail, too!

6. I still occasionally go out with my head uncovered, but it's less and less comfortable for me.

7. Despite dyeing my hair several different shades, usually red, once black-- I've never gone blonde, and never really wanted to-- unless caramel-colored counts, which I think is a neat shade for hair and might look okay on me.

8. I'm surprised to find myself getting better at cleaning and organizing. I never expected that to happen as I got older.

9. I LOVE flannel sheets.

10. I have never been drunk. The most I've ever had at once was two and a half drinks, at which point my typing went all to hell and I fell asleep.

11. In the past 10 years, I have turned the TV on for myself and because I wanted to watch it exactly once. It was stormy and I wanted to look at the weather advisories.

12. I have happily lived in a home without a TV, too. At one point Michael and John and I had an old TV in a cabinet that worked, and then the picture went out, and then the sound went out, but it was too heavy to carry down the stairs. The channel selector display worked okay so sometimes we'd turn it on, flip through the channels, and then say to each other "Well, there's nothing on tonight!" and turn it off.

13. I've been looking at houses online. I'm almost to the point of wanting one of my own. Now, if the rest of my life would cooperate...

14. Several times over the past decade or so I've thought "So THIS is what being a grown-up is like." And it keeps changing, and the nice part is that it keeps getting better.

15. I still haven't forgotten about being a kid. There are kid-like things that are still good but the overwhelming feeling I remember is being aware enough of what I wanted, and not having the maturity and self-reliance of being able to choose it for myself. Being a kid sucked. Being a grownup is much better. I try to remember this when I deal with my own kid.

16. I don't wear much jewelry; about the only thing I've worn this year is my gold ring. (it's my dad's wedding ring combined with my mom's engagement diamond.)

17. While I'm not obsessed with death, I've been thinking about it a lot this year. Despite my feelings on cremation (I am "yay!" about the idea) if I have any family left they'd probably prefer to plant the body, so I may see if it's possible to find a plot somewhere near my parents'. Regardless of whether I can or not, if I have to be buried, I want it to be in the town I was born in.

18. I haven't been to my grandmother's grave yet. It's been five years next Thursday since she passed. I don't know if that's a long time or a short time but I miss her still.

19. The friends I really treasure the most are the ones who aren't horrified by my occasional lapses into truly awful, terrible, WRONG humor.

20. I'm amused that my hair is long enough to put in pigtails and braid. Also, in my local dialect, two low tails are pigtails and two high tails are puppy dog ears (especially short but also long). Long hair is something I've never really had, but this is my second time with it (the first was very brief) and I'm enjoying it a lot.

21. No secret: I want to live somewhere with enough yard to raise vegetables. I hate chickens so despite eating eggs I don't think I would want to raise any, except morally I might feel better about it (I'm a meat-eater and such but I prefer my food be treated decently up until the surprise at the end). And who knows, maybe they're nicer when they're your own chickens. What I would really love to have is GOATS, though! Just a couple. They're social creatures.

22. Not only does my back pop, like most people's, but my chest pops if I stretch just right.

23. I believe that between 3 and 4 in the morning you can ask any question you want. I frequently make references to this when talking to people at that hour, and I've had the most interesting conversations.

24. Ever since someone mentioned it, I've been intrigued intellectually by the idea of recasting popular stories by swapping everyone's gender. However, when I find those things, I read them for a different reason-- because they're hot.

25. And here we are full circle-- my last, most secret (til now) and most exciting news-- sometime soon, I'm being baptized! I'm thrilled!


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