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My current goal is to get through a week and only have to go grocery shopping twice. This week's meal plan:

(A) Everyone on their own for breakfast. Cereal, oatmeal, milk, fruit purchased.

(B) Everyone on their own for lunch; a few frozen dinners and some leftovers will be available.

(C) Dinners:
1) Steamed chicken with broccoli and new potatoes.
2) Taco night
3) Meatball sandwiches and salad
4) Beans and bacon, possibly as a beans-and-rice combo, or with leftover taco meat... something.
5) Fish sticks and corn and mashed potatoes.
6) Chicken ON A STICK with veggies ON A STICK.
7) Pigs in a blanket (Sausage wrapped in crescent rolls) plus salad.

I'd like to fit in more veggies, but I'm only picking up this recipe thing so fast, so that'll probably be a next week thing.

This week's grocery bill minus some household incidentals was $140. (Some of that, however, was me stocking up on butter, and buying salad dressing, and so on, not things we'll need every week.) And we already had tacos for lunch and nommed up all 8 of the tortillas (which, happily, are cheap, so I can get more today or tomorrow).
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So, within 24 hours of my getting a new laptop, Raven's computer fried its motherboard. This has been an expensive day. (Though I am grateful to have the money to replace things when they break, and not have to wait two weeks.)

Speaking of expensive, it's time to take Dim to the vet to get tutored-- hoping we can get him in later this week. We have three to get done, but with the other two being girls, it's crucial to get him fixed first. Sure, there are low-cost spay-neuter places, but again, I have the money to support a relationship with our local vet, who is six blocks away, and avoid a long trip with a miserable cat. Dim might turn out to be a car rider, but he might not be, and I'd rather not have him squall miserably and be trusted to strangers if I can help it.

And the kid needs her eyes examined again. It's like I'm made of money, some months. I'll call Monday and get that appointment for her.

So, Raven and I are playing LOTRO (when his computer works, he's playing) on Silverlode server. They've got a free-to-play deal going on, if anybody happens to have a computer that'll run it. My character is Huldis if you'd like to find me. I'll likely be on Saturday and Sunday mornings both...
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I just blew through $400.

Not that I was shopping, but I paid the car insurance and the water bill and the gas bill and the cable bill (which includes the phone).

By the way, I discovered something which may be useful to the rest of you if you ever forget to pay a bill because you set it aside for the next payday and then forgot about it.

Google calendars will let you set a reminder, say, "Pay gas bill." You can then have the calendar EMAIL you prior to that to remind you of it! The email goes to your Google mail, but if you don't use that very often then simply set a filter that forwards reminder emails to the one you check every day.

If you don't check email every day I can't help you :D


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