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Hello again, internet. It's been a long, long time. This being the first bit of the month, let's see if I can post two or three times a week all month, hey? (I've learned that I do better one or two small steps at a time, instead of adding everything at once and then flailing under it.)

So, in the state of the Corry, we have: Read more... )

And it's nasty-awful outside, so wish me luck getting home from here.
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After surviving strep throat and a horrible double ear infection, I'm just now starting to crawl out of the exhaustion hole and find a spoon here and there.

Things I'd like to do more:
Write more here, maybe two or three times a week.
Write more fiction. Get better at it.
Do more studying-- get over my self-confidence issues about learning again. I really want to learn more coding.
Work on my sewing skills and practice more and have a better space to do that in. Draw more, ditto. Create more.
Clean my pit of a room. Minimize my possessions.

Throw things away. I'm bad at it. I need to get better.

Fix my health, as much as possible. Wasn't it Jerome who called his body "Brother Ass"... neither revered nor hated, just a partner in one's life? I need more of that kind of acceptance for myself.

Write more non-fiction. I have so many things I could work on.
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So many snarky things I want to say, and none of them suitable for a permanently Googleable audience.

Today I had a piece of peanut butter pie, and it was utterly nommable.

For those who don't play on Facey-Space or Google^Nym, I dyed my hair blue. clicky to see.

Notably, I got high-fived by a redheaded hottie that same night that I dyed it. I wanted to ask if his dad was single, though; he was maybe 20. I've been complimented by everyone practically. Parents haven't seen it... yet. Donut shop guy LOVES it though?

Kid's uncle still visiting. Leaving Saturday.

New co-worker temporarily on my shift is way fun.
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Cross-posting to LJ. LJ readers, I'm really on now.

Huge storm hit OKC area. So far, two confirmed fatalities in El Reno (to the west of OKC). Our house totally missed it other than some teeny hail, pea-sized.

Very grateful. Trouble getting cats into safe places, working on that plan for next time.

Going back to bed.
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I had a perfectly lovely three-night weekend with certain local people, who have other plans for the weekend.

I managed to commit a neatness in my bedroom and moved the bed so that I can still sleep in the dark by shutting the curtains, but can open the curtains for the cats to bask on the bed. It was so successful I haven't been able to make the bed yet:

That's Engineer Cat on the left, Rosie in the back, Grim in the front, and Geeg on the right. I'll probably make the bed after I wash the sheets in a bit.

Brilliant move: I put my rocking chair at the foot of the bed, which means I can put my feet up on the bed. My problem with footstools is that when I stretch my legs out, I feel like I'm sliding out of the chair unless the footstool is higher than my behind.

I found one of my knitting projects when I moved the bed. I might actually finish it now with the yarn I bought last time I was at Kiz's! ...I wonder where that yarn is?

Anyways, rearranging the room seems to have located a couple of extra spoons, metaphorically. I don't feel so completely overwhelmed now by all the stuff. I might even make it down to do laundry in an hour or so.
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Well, I had set today aside to do some sewing, but managed to booboo the hell out of both my hands-- my cuticles are so ripped that doing any handwork is painful.

I did get some eyelets-- basically, metal hole-reinforcers for fabric, the kind that you lace up your shoes through. I'll play with those tomorrow, I bet, and it'll involve some hammering and swearing.

I'm gonna play some WoW, and then try to get to sleep by noon (HA!) and get up and maybe if I feel a little better I can do some sewing.

Work stuff is going okay, with three exceptions:
a) I'm working way long hours, which wears me out; (and yes, 9 hours 4 days a week plus a 7.5 hour day is long hours, and I just got off a 10 hour day)
b) I went in early twice this week, which means I have to get up early, and that leads to anxiety about oversleeping, and anxiety leads to nightmares which means sleeplessness which means exhaustion and bad productivity and generally feeling awful;
c) the specific hours that I work mean I go in while it's still fairly hot out (we don't lose much heat between sundown and 11pm) and by the time I leave work in the morning it's baking hot again, so my commutes are not comfortable for me. I'm ready for it to either cool down overall, so that it's under 80 during ONE of my drives, or for my hours to change. I bet fall gets here first, though.
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Made it to work safe and sound.

For future reference, the Okla. DOT number for road conditions is:
405-425-2385 or 888-425-2385.
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We're under a flood advisory and a "significant weather advisory"
which I've never seen before; it appears to be the combo platter of
severe storms, flooding, hail, and I don't know what-all.

I'm at work, where we have a generator, but still watching a lot of
power flickers. I may or may not have power when we get home, so if I
don't update this later, I'm still not_ded. I'm hoping to get to
leave work (an hour) early, as it is deader than a pager in the
dishwasher, but if I get home and there's no power, I'll likely just
go to bed.

Also, for all those people who think storms are "exciting" and
"thrilling" please consider volunteering to help bring spare oxygen
tanks to people whose oxygen concentrators don't work because they're
out of power. Maybe I'm just cranky, but I think it's crass to be
loudly enthusiastic about something that puts other people in danger;
if you get a thrill out of the adrenaline, do something REALLY
exciting and help people!


May. 16th, 2010 04:01 pm
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Holy crap. Just had approximately 1-2" of hail and fallen leaves (the oak tree in the back just got stripped of half its leaves at least) dumped in the yard.

Including some hail up to 2" wide.

So much for sleep.
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This is a test of the emergency not_ded system.

In the event of fire, flood, tornadoes, earthquakes, boobquakes,
rioting in the streets, plagues (whether Biblical or non-Biblical),
snowpocalypse, gas prices going over $4/gallon, World of Warcraft
having a patch time exceeding 12 hours, or Malabrigo going on sale, I
will post to LJ as well as Facebook and let folks know that
I am still in the land of the living, so you don't have to worry.

After all, that's why I have post-by-email!
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Just cleaned all three cat boxes, only to have Grim immediately go take a particularly stinky poop in one.

Which one? The one in MY bathroom. Thanks, Grim. No more tastes of fried rice for you, buddy.

So, I woke up after a brief nap today. I slept a lot last night, but dragged myself out of bed at 4am thinking that I'd be able to sleep this afternoon. HA!

Still haven't found the iPod cord connector, but I've ordered a new one off Amazon, and a couple of co-workers offered me theirs to charge mine up. So, that'll help. I refuse to pay $20 retail prices when I can order a three-part "charge kit" (USB cord, wall adapter, car adapter) for $4 and have it here next Wednesday or Thursday.

I've been working on cleaning up what I eat and what I do for, um. Five days now. I feel frighteningly better. Is this all it took or am I just on one of those upswings and this pushed me up a few more steps? (Sadly, it's probably the second more than the first. But if this keeps me above the barely-functional line for longer, then it's worth it.)
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Am at home, with:

a) gummy bears
b) spotinous cat #2
c) netbook

Grim approves of the netbook because he can lie all flang out and not get in the way of my touchpad, and with his butt on one of my arms and his chin on the other.

I have finally, after many hours, found something I don't love to the point of obsession about the netbook: the dits on the F and J keys are a little small, and since the keys don't light up like my Powerbook Pro, it's a little hard to type in the dark. Oh well, I'm still MADLY in love with it.

So, I shall find breakfast soon, and then do a little reading, and try to be in bed by noon... ish. or one-ish. Whenever I feel better.

I got a couple of new bandannas and some felt to make a spare netbook cover, which I have great plans for (and will be drawing out the designs for.. well, maybe tonight).

This constitutes the full NOT DED/NOT WISHING WAS DED report.
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Am at work, having arrived safely after traversing 8 miles, about 1 mile of which was solid ice and the other 7 semi-solid ice. WHEE.

Will be working 5:30-9am today and then 8:30pm tonight to 7:30am tomorrow morning, and then back to business as usual. (I was supposed to get off 8:30-midnight tonight, but that's also a no-go with the weather.)

Stay safe, y'all!

Also note: new Grim icon by request.
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Plans this week:

Tuesday: Church volunteering. AND SLEEP. I had a rough time of it today with some hip pain but hopefully that'll work itself out by noon so I can get a few hours.

Wednesday: Sleep, also hammering out at least 1 level on my shaman (70) and trying to work some on mage, too (64). If I can get mage to 68, it gets faster-- but that's a good 12 hours of work. I also need to do laundry and some basic housework.

Thursday: Taking the Grim to the vet to be tutored, and going to see [ profile] totallywired that night.

SOMETIME SOON HOLY CRAP: Housework. Cleaning my bathroom. Sorting out at least one box in the bedroom. My place is a pit and it's making me unhappy not to have room to do creative work or anything. None of this is going to happen, though, if I don't get at least seven hours of sleep PER DAY, and along with that I really need a couple of hours to decompress, check email, and socialize with my friends. I'm not getting sleep AND social time both on any particular day so I'm pretty quickly getting sucked down into the abyss. If I can make it through tonight and tomorrow night, though, I'll have a couple of days to catch back up...

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Snot factory still on wartime hours and 120% capacity.

Other bodily effluvia proceeding apace.


I have sent The Man to the store. Let's see what he buys.
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I'm still not feeling great; the coughing until I wheeze is getting old, and my tummy is sore. At least it's sort of productive, so it should be lessening day by day.

I'm pretty tired but managed to catch up some on sleep over the weekend; I didn't get much else done, except half a load of laundry (I had to run the dryer again on my way out the door, dammit, since it didn't get the clothes I wanted to wear dry).

I dinged 70 on my shaman and 58 on my mage.

This concludes the list of accomplishments.


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