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Left work at about 7 this morning. Got home, went to bed.

And barely managed to drag myself out of sleep, just now, at 11PM.

If it weren't for Sunday, I couldn't make it through the week.
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Plans this week:

Tuesday: Church volunteering. AND SLEEP. I had a rough time of it today with some hip pain but hopefully that'll work itself out by noon so I can get a few hours.

Wednesday: Sleep, also hammering out at least 1 level on my shaman (70) and trying to work some on mage, too (64). If I can get mage to 68, it gets faster-- but that's a good 12 hours of work. I also need to do laundry and some basic housework.

Thursday: Taking the Grim to the vet to be tutored, and going to see [ profile] totallywired that night.

SOMETIME SOON HOLY CRAP: Housework. Cleaning my bathroom. Sorting out at least one box in the bedroom. My place is a pit and it's making me unhappy not to have room to do creative work or anything. None of this is going to happen, though, if I don't get at least seven hours of sleep PER DAY, and along with that I really need a couple of hours to decompress, check email, and socialize with my friends. I'm not getting sleep AND social time both on any particular day so I'm pretty quickly getting sucked down into the abyss. If I can make it through tonight and tomorrow night, though, I'll have a couple of days to catch back up...

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Simply Noise (a white noise website) is saving my sanity.

Now I can sleep.
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So, my dad showed up Wednesday for various things. Once he left, I fell into bed about 5pm.

I woke up at 3am Thursday. (Total: 8 hours)

I stayed up a while and then about 11am I crashed out for a nap, unable to stay awake even one more hour.

I woke up at 4pm. (total: 5 hours)

I laid down last night at 11pm for what I assumed would be a couple of hours of sleep.

I just woke up. (total: 7.5 hours)

I actually feel rested and awake now.

NOTE TO SELF: No matter how many calendar days it looks or feels like, you still need about 25-30 hours of sleep over the course of the time you're off. Most people who get off work Friday night through Monday morning will sleep 3 nights during that time, and those who don't regret it anyways.
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I'm currently having problems sleeping. It's hot and bright and I can't fall asleep until evening, which means I'm short on sleep, sleeping til just before work, and then can't manage to go back to sleep the next morning (since it's only been about 8-10 hours since I got up at that point).

I am cranky and miserable, and I just want everyone to know that I'm not avoiding you or trying to get away from you for any personal reason, I generally feel rotten.

Also, for those just joining me in my life, my grandfather died recently. Any question of "How's it been" or "How's it going" will get "Fine, mostly." However, if you ask me about something I was supposed to get back with you about, or something we talked about last, or anything like that, I may well explain to you that I've been kind of busy, both physically and emotionally, with a death in the family. And, you know, I don't really recall what that thing was, please remind me?

--Note: If I did tell you I'd do or say or write something and I've forgot, kindly let me know, and I'll catch up, ok? No hard feelings on my part for reminding me and I hope you're not too upset with me for dropping the ball.

I do wish that people in general were a little more comfortable with things like this. It's not that I'm trying to brag or dramatize losing a family member. What's happened to me is what's going to happen to all of us if we're lucky. (Where the natural order is to lose your grandparents and then parents, not to die before them.) I just wish people wouldn't act like they had never heard of such a thing as "death in the family" or "sad life event", you know?


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