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So, I had a rousing vacation consisting of 60% sleep and good food (at least) plus some online gaming and a little bit of actually going out and doing things.

I got home and promptly overextended by going out again.

And today? The schedule includes taking the kid out shopping for glasses and new sneakers.

Yeah, I apparently don't learn very well.

Sleeping in my own bed was nice, but I really need to clean up in here. At least Geeg is glad to see me home (and purring madly).

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So, I've survived the weekend from heck; I'm still sad but doing a little better. Survived a little rockiness in my personal life, things are doing better there too.

This week's schedule is going to eat me alive. I have cleaning to do today (Wednesday) and my dad coming tomorrow for us to work on wiring or... something! I don't know what. In the kitchen.

I'm having sleeping problems, as usual, with the 2pm wakeup and inability to sleep again. I'm sure it's stress, it should go away soonish.

I am still unsure how I ever find time to date. I'm just glad I do. I've been having a spectacular time with the folks I've been seeing. I need to make more time for just hanging out with people I care about. Good thing work is giving us 2 weeks of vacation starting next year!

On the knitting needles this week:

1) Charcoal gray pocket hat, needing 2 rows + ribbing + pocket to be complete, hat 1 of 3 for the Tulsa crew (my ex's family)

2) Striped pink and brown hat waiting to be frogged for re-use... I wanted a pointy elf kind of hat, but I should've double increased every 4th row instead of single every 2. Also, reverse stockinette 2-row stripes are PERFECTLY straight and I kind of would rather have those almost than stockinette ones.

3) a fair number of scraps of yarn sitting by for....something. I'm not sure what yet. And a ball of sock yarn.

I really want to knit a vest, and I have the yarn put aside for it (Silky Wool in green/blue) but I need time to pick out a pattern and start work. I have the duct-taped pieces for at least the measurements from waist to underarm.

I still need to do laundry and pack for my trip Sunday. OH MY GOSH IT'S THIS SUNDAY. HOLY CRAP. I have a lot of stuff to find! (I'm only going for 4 days, so I'm taking two changes of clothes at most. This sounds easy, but I also need my laptop, iPod, chargers for those and my cell phone, knitting stuff, and whatever else I can fit in a teeny tiny bag. Also, I'd like a messenger/laptop bag. I'll go look for one in the morning.)

I am home.

Jun. 13th, 2010 04:05 pm
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The flight was horribly uncomfortable (on account of the teeny tiny plane seats) but otherwise very nice.

I SAW A RAINBOW BELOW US. First time ever for that!

Kitties seem bemused. Engineer Cat thinks I am a stranger or something.

And now, since I have to be at work in 8 hours, I should go to sleep.

(I have the overwhelming urge to clean now.)
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I slept through most of the night. Got up and it was light outside... at, um, 5ish. Or something.

Today we drove to Milwaukee. Well, Kiz drove. I passenged. It's in another state, by the way. We went to the brew store and picked up stuff for brewing beer, and then went to look for some kind of international clown hall of fame thing and it wasn't there where the GPS said it was.

Then we went to look for a yarn store (The Yarn House) and IT wasn't where the GPS said either. We called them and got directions of the "across from X with a red door" variety. Building was on a total nother street but it did have a red door. Store was tiny, owner was cheerful and very helpful to the lady in front of me (who I think needed the encouragement) and I bought two things of thin Shetland wool that match in gauge the stuff I already have. So my shawl can have a stripe or two if I feel like it. What I bought is a sort of faded apple green.

Then we went to look for somewhere to eat lunch. We found the pizza place right where the GPS said it was. However, apparently either they're delivery-only, they weren't really open, or they didn't like us, cause the door was locked. So we went and found some kind of weird Mexican place. I don't even know what it was called, but it was the most mediocre Mexican food I've ever eaten. I mean, it wasn't BAD, it wouldn't make you sick, it was edible, but it wasn't in the least bit GOOD.

Then we came home and went to the store and bought cookies and laundry detergent and some rice for dinner tonight or lunch tomorrow, or something. And more tomatoes because man, they're awesome.

Also there was some rain today on the drive. And that's all I know. More sleep is probably on the menu, I'm totally digging this "sleep as much as you want" thing. And there's a raid tonight so I can either play WoW (on my lowbie) or read or... WHATEVER I feel like. Yeah!


Jun. 9th, 2010 12:10 pm
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I had a nice easy half hour walk going to various shops close to [ profile] pentane's house.

Then I started back home.

I live in a flat state. It never really occurred to me that if the street's name implies it's at the top of a slope? It might BE at the top of a slope. A 50 foot slope, according to Gmaps Pedometer.

OH MY FEET. Blah! At least there is now food, and the makings of a rice-salad kind of thing for tonight, and I got new pencils at Hobby Lobby and a Subway half sandwich sitting in the fridge (with a cookie) and plenty to drink.


Jun. 8th, 2010 06:55 pm
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It's 59 degrees and cloudy. I am being squeaked at (or near) and have been Dean-vestigated.

My tummy is full of pizza and there are cookies and I can sleep as much as I want.

Starting...real soon now.
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Completed items:

Truck seen by insurance people, check written, taking it to the bank today. I'll worry about what we get fixed when I get home.

Dad escaped from hospital early Monday morning and headed home; he'll be glad to sleep in his own bed and go outside when he pleases (that's something he missed at the hospital)

I did wash the truck, as the threatened rain hit Guthrie to the north and not us. I managed to do it for a buck, because I'm a cheapskate like that.

I went to Ross and bought a carry-on bag. I justified my $25 purchase by considering whether I wanted to use my full size suitcase, and pay $25 each way, or spend $25 once. It's a bag like the one on the right in this image:
cut for hotlinked pic )
Except mine is blue and yellow and green and brown in a sort of floral. I'd post pics, but I'm posting from w*rk not at home with it right now.

I've already packed my clothes in it; in the morning I just need to get myself ready, then pack up my iPod, netbook, and cell phone, plus the charger for each.

I already paid my bills for the month, at least the ones I've received already (the do-it-yourself electric bill averaging is in play; I have a credit balance with them, and paid a planned amount of my bill while letting the balance cover the rest of it; this will continue in July, August, and then I'll probably have to pay the whole bill the first of September, but I'll have more of an idea how much it will be. Raven has been awesome at raising the thermostat; by high summer we hope to be above 80 degrees in the daytime inside, and not miserable. That second bit is why we're not at 80 already.) and that's all the errands I had to do.

I'm thinking we'll go to IHOP this morning for breakfast; I have until noon to kill before we go to the airport :D
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Minimal bread baking recipe as follows:

4 cups flour-- measure using a 1 cup dry measuring cup
Some salt and sugar and spices-- I pour a tablespoonful or so of each into my hand and add to the flour.
1/2 stick butter-- cut with knife then wash knife

Cut in the butter to the flour mixture with a pastry cutter.

1 1/4 cups milk-- pour into Pyrex 2-cup measuring cup. microwave til warm.

Add 1 packet or 1 heaping teaspoon of yeast to warm milk. Stir with large spoon.

Add milk to flour/butter mixture and stir. Mixture should be sticky and almost raggy (pulling apart).

Take the spoon out, put in measuring cup, and immediately fill cup with water to soak.

Knead in bowl, adding extra flour if needed. Cover bowl with damp dishtowel and put in oven set on "warm" to rise for 30-45 minutes.

Take from oven, knead on flour-dusted countertop, then cut into pieces with sharp knife. Put pieces in baby loaf pans. Heat oven to 400 more or less, leaving bread pans to rise on back burner (oven vent).

Bake for 20-25 minutes, checking at 20, until golden brown on top.

Total utensils used:
1 mixing bowl
1 spoon
1 pastry cutter
1 butter knife
2 measuring cups, one wet and one dry
1 baby loaf pan
1 dishtowel

I'm a lot happier with this version of the bread recipe :)
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I am off to vacation in sunny warm WONDERFUL Massachusetts.

Plans for this vacation are quite specific:

Ride on plane
Go see stuff
...and let someone else do dishes
Personal recovery time (aka lie on couch, eat cookies and drink tea, nap/read)

I think that's pretty much it. I plan to have an awesome time.
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cause I dragged myself out of bed to post this.

1. Happy birthday [ profile] kaichi_satake!!!

2. Hope things come out okay [ profile] corwinok. If not, you can come hide at our house under the bed. But not if the po-lice are looking for you.

Everybody else, in general, I miss you and will catch up when I get home. Right now I'm busy. Happy busy.
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So, after fighting with the ancient version of Firefox on the Windows machine here, I finally crowbarred [ profile] dda off the Mac and made him show me how to use Xjournal to post.

Anyways, life here continues slow and lazy. I made some awesome chicken fried rice last night, using a mix of black/mahogany rice. We had some scrambled in eggs with toast for breakfast.

Grownup time has been had, but I think I want to let that percolate a bit (and post it in [ profile] betweenthehorns) before I say anything. The short version would be, I feel awesome, tried some new stuff, and I'm ready to keep taking care of myself as far as stress and letting people help me when I get home.

I painted my toenails, speaking of new stuff, and that's harder than it looks. They're pink. I will try to get some pics, but I keep forgetting to get the camera out because there's so much NEW FUN STUFF to do.

There are chipmunks in the yard at the bird feeder here. I'd never seen them before, in real life I mean. "Oh, look, it's the teensiest babeh squirl in the whole wide...wait, that's not a squirrel."

[ profile] st0rmraven says I should bring one home for the KITTEHS. I just need to find a bag it'll go through security in. Maybe I could stuff it in the pocket of my pushup bra?
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Well, I work tonight and Monday night and Tuesday night and then get my standard two days off (I believe the phrase "hell or high water" has been used). I missed seeing a friend of mine today as he traveled through town, too, so I'm a little bummed.

I could really use a couple days off, as I'll be working on my sweater, which is getting to the really exciting part. I've been refraining from pic-tarting on it, but as soon as I finish step 1 of the yoke and do the first decrease, I'll post again. Then it's a fairly short shot til I'm done and steeking the silly thing-- but I'll post pics of it on me before then.

Note to those interested: My vacation is Sept. 20-29. I think I meant to mention this to more than one person, but I forget who other than [ profile] dda.


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