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I got some good news at work, about a possible schedule change. It's not definite and I have to wait on approval, but this is something I've really wanted for a long time.

I should know within 3-4 weeks.
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A little off-topic for the discussion I posted it in, but possibly of interest for anyone who might want to complain about employee rudeness at a store:

Something that managers-- good ones-- will take into account when deciding how seriously to take a rudeness complaint is the no/yes politeness divide. An employee can use equally blunt wording to tell one customer yes and another customer no, and the “yes” customer won’t think anything more about it, but the “no” customer will complain. In most cases the complaints can be prevented by training the employee to be more polite when telling people no, but some customers will complain no matter how nice, polite, apologetic the employee is because they feel like “there ought to have been something they could do.”

So, many managers will keep track of “told me no and was rude!!” reports, educate, and only act if they see a pattern, but a “did what I wanted BUT was rude” report demands immediate action.

On the flip side, employees who are a little bit less than perfectly polite may get better results, because some customers/clients like to be scolded a little bit. It can reinforce the effect that they truly care about the service they're giving you-- a hairdresser who grumps at you for cutting your own bangs, for instance, can make you feel that they’re really invested in making your hair look good.

Aren't our brains weird?

Wuh oh.

Jul. 16th, 2013 05:20 am
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(This entry has been Piranhacized.)

New employees having trouble identifying the parts of the piranha. I would settle for "the bitey end" and "the non-bitey end" at this point.

Three days off later this week cannot come soon enough. I already jam-packed them with plans as follows:

Wednesday: ME DAY. Sleep, play around online a bit.
Thursday: THIS HOUSE, A PIT. Clean like my parents' opinion depends on it. (So, likely to be be 20 minute bursts with loud music and tons of dry-erase-board lists.)
Friday: Birthday celebrating for the youngest two-legged member of the household. Food, cake, possibly even presents. Movie! Shopping! Fun!
Friday night: Collapse in exhaustion and sleep up until work Saturday night.
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That's two weeks in a row that I was supposed to get off work early, and didn't.

Oh well, another couple of hours won't hurt the paycheck.
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Sorry about lack of posting lately. Haven't had much I felt up to, you know, even saying anything about, that I could actually talk about in public.

Have been cleaning house some-- will post pictures soonish.


We have been tasked with a special job of continuously observing the piranha tanks in case one of them spontaneously breaks and floods the place with water and pissed-off piranha. Since I cannot sit in a chair and watch the tanks while doing my own job of stocking piranhas, helping customers, putting up signs in the windows, etc. I have been provided with an employee who does nothing but sit in a chair facing the piranha tanks and watch them.


Said employee is too busy watching the tanks, with both eyeballs, to spare one for learning to stock the piranhas, or put up signs, or really do much of anything. Naturally, this annoys me because every other employee who does this tank-security thing manages to at least sweep around their seat, you know? And not so much with this one. Just can't seem to concentrate.

But. Apparently my prayers have been answered, if by "prayers" I mean "near-constant annoyed seething." The tank-watching job is being outsourced soon, so the person will lose their cushy "sit in a chair and wait for something to break" position. And maybe I'll get some effing help.


Maybe. That's right.
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My hair is not your business. It's my business.

I do not like to hear you comment about it, even to say it looks nice, because that implies that you notice when it does not look nice. I especially do not like to hear you comment about it twice in one day.

It's not that I'm uptight-- I've had a few instances where I got a new bra with extra uplift, walked up behind a seated co-worker, they turned around, and VISIBLY reacted. "Whoa!" Yeah, they're big, if you nearly do a drive-by motorboat, it's all right to react. But I'd be upset if the exact same people said something every time they saw me, and that's kind of how I feel about my hair, too.

Come to think of it, I'm also annoyed whenever I wear a different pair of pants or a shirt to work, and get asked if I lost weight. For the record, I haven't lost weight, I'm not trying to lose weight, I eat healthy crap because it's good for me, not because I'm convinced I'm a porker and will only find love at size 10.

So, in conclusion, you're not a bad person, I like you okay, you don't have to kiss up to me with personal compliments, so could you just shut up about my hair for a while? Please?
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And maybe this is only awesome when you've been at work for 12 days straight, but that means it's approaching maximum awesomeosity right.... now.

click here for awesomeosity )
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caller: did you hear about the flooding?

me: no, they just beat me and put me in the closet when my shift is over, I've never seen the outside world.

...I did not actually say this. But at least I know why I'm grumpy.


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