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Birthdate:Nov 23
Location:Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States of America
Things I post about publicly:
my house (and renovations thereof), my family, the cats, my knitting and spinning and sewing, reading, other arty stuff, churchy stuff, occasional complaints including the weather.

Things I post about less publicly, and lock, and don't wish repeated (if found in a locked post):
my job, my polyamorous relationship details, opinions about sex and kink and political issues. If you want to repeat something from a locked post to someone else, let me know, ok? Not everything in the contents of a locked post may be privileged, but you may not get what is and isn't.

Things I don't post about:
my sex life. your sex life. Other people's real names. Generally speaking, "outing" stuff. Any other information that allows those who know me to locate me or other people realtime, without permission.

Pronouns: I like pronouns. I'm annoyed that we don't have two sets of gender-neutral pronouns, one set for "person unknown, therefore gender unknown" (e.g. John and Susan are playing chess, the winner will play me, I hope I can beat $PRONOUN) and one for "person known, gender non-standard" (e.g. Terry and I went to a party, $PRONOUN drove me home afterward.) Until English gets itself straightened out in this regard, I prefer, in order: the singular "they"; whatever consistent third-gender pronouns one likes; desperately convoluted pronoun avoidance; "he" or "she."
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